Managed Cloud Services

On-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid approach. FIT has managed hosting and cloud solutions to meet your current and future digital enterprise needs. Plus all the experience and expertise to ensure your SAP and Microsoft applications are up, running and secure. No matter where they are.

Join our SAP-certified experts for a Cloud Readiness Workshop today and create your own cloud roadmap.


As a longtime SAP partner, FIT offers an array of services for successful HANA and S/4HANA installations. Plus hosting and operational support for the entire suite.

Because HANA is an investment – albeit, a sustainable one – FIT uses a multi-stage workshop concept to show you how to get your ERP system future-ready. Starting with an overview, we outline the opportunities and benefits HANA and S/4HANA can offer you. Next, detailed workshops cover key areas of HANA, such as Simple Finance, Fiori, and more. Precise cost-benefit analyses are conducted and then an individual HANA roadmap is drafted to enable smart decision-making.

Want a better idea of what it’s like to run HANA? Simply rent space in the FIT data center for several months to run subsets of your own company data. This gives you the chance to see the added value SAP HANA can bring to your organization without interfering with your existing productivity environment or compromising its stability. HANA is here. FIT’s here to help you leverage it.

Learn more about our Shared SAP Services.

Share SAP Services

At FIT, we get that you need a variety of software to round out your hosted SAP portfolio. So we use our comprehensive expertise around SAP and then apply it to all your managed services’ needs.

Whether you’re looking for a complete ERP system or individual components for, say, HR or CRM, our shared services give you access to your own complete SAP environment within our secure multi-client system. We offer everything from direct SAP Hybris implementation to third party solutions for EDI, batch scheduling and more. All from trusted vendors. And all to make your SAP hosting experience as simple and efficient as possible.

By providing a platform to host any software from any vendor you need to run your business FIT is the all-in-one partner you can count on to make your job easier.

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Microsoft Application

Need a hand transforming your business with more intelligent use of your Microsoft applications? No problem; FIT can help.

After all, we’ve managed services around the entire Microsoft application stack, including Office365, Exchange, Skype and SharePoint. Plus, we can deliver these services to you in multiple ways: Via our dedicated and certified data centers, through the Microsoft Azure cloud, or in a hybrid approach. FIT is also a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Thanks to our deep understanding of cloud technology, we can offer you the very best consulting and provide professionally administered services for the myriad of innovative Microsoft cloud services available – all tailored to your specific needs.

At FIT we understand your business needs are flexible, that’s why we’ll bend over backwards to help you find the strategy that’s flexible enough to ensure you’re getting the most from your Microsoft investments.

  •     Extensible, instantly available, fully catering to demand
  •     Long-term cost savings
  •     Business agility

FIT A Private Cloud

Is cloud risk too high for smes?

Cloud computing provides for small - and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SME) with everything they expect to be flexible: IT has self-organizing, extensible IT, and does not force companies to invest in advance. Whether IT's a Windows server or a global SAP platform, IT can be a pure service through the cloud. Because IT's all pay-per-view, in the long run, companies can cut costs and quickly adapt IT to the vagaries of market demand. I hope no one is too worried about the sensitive data stored in the cloud.


FIT private cloud: security level is equivalent to digital safe

The list of news reports about foreign spy activities is so numerous that it is understandable that small and medium-sized enterprises are hesitant to store data in the public cloud. Who can determine where the key information is kept? How to save? But FIT private clouds can eliminate these concerns. Because the FIT private cloud is different from the public cloud solution, it is not provided through the public Internet, but through the encrypted VPN connection, which is guaranteed by the bandwidth of the connections. If necessary, all data can be kept in an exclusive form in the FIT disaster prevention data center. To sum up, the security level of FIT private cloud is equivalent to the virtual hosting service we have been providing for years. The only difference is that pricing and contract terms are more flexible today than they used to be.


Our cloud security translates into your competitive advantage

To ensure that enterprise critical applications and data are protected, the FIT private cloud that can be used by multiple clients is a multi-level firewall system combined with a personal firewall. In addition to the above precautions, there are other classification security measures, such as virtual network connections and leading technology of packet filter, to say nothing of classic defensive measures spam and anti-virus system. The FIT private cloud provides a number of outstanding advantages through cloud computing, which helps you to benefit and you can rest easy. , of course, IT can help enterprises to promote business development, because IT transformed into a service, eliminate the previous lot of multifarious things - completely in line with our motto: IT solutions, IT's as simple as that.


Learn more about our Security Services.

Security Services

Now more than ever, you need to protect your organization’s data. But handcuffing where and how your employees work is not the answer. Not in today’s mobile world.

At FIT, we work with Azure Rights Management (RMS) to make things easy for you, even protecting your sensitive documents and data far beyond the borders of your firewall – just as reliably as if you were within the confines of your company building. That’s because Azure RMS doesn’t just apply guidelines for encryption authentication on desktops in the office, but also on smartphones, USB flash drives, or cloud drives. Regardless of whether someone is working from a company computer or a private device.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re always up on the latest technology trends that combine better data protection with more flexibility. And we can create an Azure RMS solution that allows your employees to easily share information with partners, customers, and colleagues either via email, SharePoint, or in the cloud – in any location, using any desired device. The result? You’re free from excessive worry and your staff is free to work with greater efficiency.


End-User Services

Pressure is something you deal with daily. Particularly if you’ve got shrinking resources, rising expectations and ticking clocks. When you need to do more with less, and work smarter not harder, dial up our end-user services and let us help you dial down the pressure.

Learn more about our Global AMS.

Enterprise Mobile Management

Maintaining an internal staff to support your SAP and Microsoft applications is expensive. And often impractical. Especially on a global scale. Delegate your application management needs to FIT and you’re free to put your IT resources to work on what’s important—not what’s urgent.

With FIT’s Global Application Management Services (AMS), you get technical expertise to support your applications landscape worldwide. 24x7x365. From a single source. Our certified teams in North America, Europe and Asia know regional requirements, provide cultural proximity and can offer local language support. Start by choosing the countries and the extent of support you need. Including local support for SAP FI or Microsoft SharePoint up to global AMS for the whole SAP Environment. Then, when you need to, scale your systems on a global basis for optimal flexibility and cost efficiency.

And because all of our services use structured processes and tools, which are regularly audited by stringent quality criteria within SAP’s Global AMS Partner Status, you also get a level of support that’s consistent across the board, around the globe. Thinking of outsourcing? There’s no smarter way to go than FIT AMS.

Learn more about our Global Service Desk.

Global Service Desk

FIT’s Global Service Desk offers skilled professionals who are instantly ready to take on, prioritize, document, and coordinate everything for you. With FIT you get problem, change, and incident management – all from a single source.

When you call our helpdesk, you don’t end up in some off-shore call center. No, you’re connected to a friendly, experienced and an ITIL-certified staff that is available to you around the clock – in five different languages. And thanks to our IT governance and ITSM models, our service desk staff delivers highly effective troubleshooting that finds solutions on the first try. Plus, our single point of contact for all of your IT needs is always available to you – be it via email, fax, online self-service portal, or app. On top of that we manage third-party service providers too.

The result? You benefit from professional IT service management with a personal touch, helping reduce the ongoing workload in your IT department, and thus allowing you to concentrate on your business-critical IT projects.

Learn more about our WaaS offering.

Workplace as a Service

Using digital technology is part of modern life. It’s also expected in the workplace. FIT can help you transform your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies from a risk factor into a success factor.

We deliver Workplace as a Service (WaaS) in any desired configuration – from our cloud or from your on-site solution. Whether using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet: with our all-round approach to the workplace of the future we create an ideal environment for your employees, one that fits with today’s modern lifestyle and is available anywhere and at any time thanks to the wonders of virtualization. This includes an array of innovative collaboration functions like Skype for Business, One Drive for Business, and even innovative telephony services. Our virtual client services allow you to access data and applications centrally, from any device, anywhere in the world. All of this includes 24×7 supervision, permanent security, and comprehensive mobile device monitoring with enterprise mobility management (EMM).

Don’t let old-fashioned restrictions hold you back. WaaS frees your employees to be more productive and positions your company as an attractive, future-ready workplace made by FIT. Win. Win.

Learn more about our EMM services.

Enterprise Mobility Management

If your company places value on mobile business activities (and it should), you’re faced with numerous challenges in terms of security, integration and administration.

At FIT, we offer extensive security architecture for mobile devices. Our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution is a multi-level approach built on components such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), mobile information management (MIM), mobile content management (MCM), and mobile application management (MAM). These all come together in a specially developed, 360-degree EMM solution. Whether it’s running in one of our data centers or as a managed platform in the FIT Private Cloud (subject to regional legal regulations), we’ll help ensure that your employees always have safe and secure access to company data, portals, and networks.

Learn more about our Identity & Access Management services.

Identity & Access Management

Making sense of the dense thicket of rules and regulations for handling sensitive information can be a nightmare. Making compliance with legal guidelines tough to achieve. Add to this the rapid proliferation of hybrid cloud models and mobile devices – if you’re not an expert, chances are you won’t keep up with the coinciding security trends.

Microsoft Identity & Access Management (IAM) bundles the administration of digital identities and their access privileges in a central location, independent of the applications used. The solution couples Active Directory (AD) with metadirectories and enables uniform logins across various system environments. Using single sign-on for cloud applications on Windows, Mac and iOS devices, FIT can help make your employees’ day-to-day activities that much easier. At the same time, your IT department’s workload is lightened since the authentication workflow can be automated to a large extent.

Our expert consultants work with you to develop the ideal solution for your unique company IAM requirements. And future-ready at that. Because, as a Microsoft partner, we stay abreast of all the latest developments coming out of Redmond. With FIT, handling compliance issues doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Learn more about our Collaboration Services.

Collaboration Services

While the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint are many, exploiting the tool’s full potential can be downright difficult.

Properly redesigning a SharePoint environment takes detailed technical expertise coupled with a transparent and sound implementation concept – one that takes all your organization’s unique requirements into account. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, FIT can help you maximize your SharePoint collaboration system with consulting, concept development and migration and operation. This includes the design of interfaces to the CRM and ERP system, so that they can also be integrated into employee portal workflows.

With a well-structured collaboration system, your company benefits in a number of ways. Data and files are located and exchanged more easily, without all the versioning chaos that can arise without such a system. Paired with communication technologies like email, chat functions, and even video telephony, you can create a culture of collaboration that helps employees work together across teams, locations, and even time zones. By integrating all channels and data from your CRM or ERP system, you can create an employee portal that makes day-to-day work much more efficient. And easier.

Professional Services

Deploying technology without a strategy can be a recipe for disappointment. Not to mention, disaster. From the shop floor to the top floor, our consulting and technology experts can help you craft a plan that ensures you’re getting all you can from your business-critical IT.

Learn more about our FIT Advisory Services.

Advisory Services

Digitalization is sweeping through the business world. How do you ensure you’re enterprise doesn’t get left behind? Does it make sense to migrate to SAP HANA? What kind of added value can using cloud technology bring? For answers to these pressing questions, there’s FIT Advisory Services.

Our Advisory Services transform the process of digitalization from an unknown risk to a unique opportunity that successfully positions your company on an international stage. Whether you’re working with SAP or Microsoft, we can help you assess individual technologies with the aim of enhancing efficiency, reducing processing times and improving your company’s overall performance.

The key to success lies in our practice-based approach to turning your company strategy into reality. This includes everything from methodologically proven portfolio analysis to co-hosted SAP HANA or Microsoft Azure readiness workshops. As your trusted advisor, we provide specific action points for you. At every step, we deliver the roadmap, pave the way, and serve as your guide through the next phase of your digital transformation.

Learn more about our FIT Design & Architecture Services.

Design And Architecture

While our Advisory Services deliver the basic framework for an IT system that lines up with your business goals, our Design & Architecture services help you tackle the nuts and bolts of the system.

Whether it’s SAP or Microsoft, networking, mobility, or the cloud, our architecture experts work with you to derive the best topology for your future application environment. We tap into our 30 years of experience and align your specific requirements with best practice designs – manufacturer-independent and always up to date to safeguard your investment and the stability of your IT operations.

FIT’s Design & Architecture services can quickly reveal which business case of the future is ready to be presented to you today. And you recognize where you can go above and beyond this to achieve even farther-reaching business goals with your IT infrastructure. Our services protect you from making bad investments and take the time-consuming guesswork out of the technical details. This gives you more freedom to pursue more strategic business activities in the future.

Learn more about our Technology Consulting.

Technical Consulting

The consulting offered by FIT puts the technology trends that are truly important to your business clearly on the table. Our consultants will help you understand the potential that emerging technologies can offer your business – and of course any threats. For example, how can modern mobility help you maximize the value added by your SAP system? Can big data solutions and SAP HANA energize your business models and help you get an edge on the competition?

With FIT at your side, you enjoy the full support and all the benefits of a service provider with an unbelievably broad array of technology skills and know-how based on decades of experience with SAP. By focusing on specific business objectives and the actual systems environment your organization relies on, we’ll help you reconcile the often conflicting challenges of innovation and the need to make safe, smart investments.

Put simply, our technology consulting services ensure that your IT strategy is state of the art. And stays that way.

Learn more about our SAP Consulting services.

SAP Consulting

With more than 30 years of experience in SAP environments under our belt, FIT’s a partner you can trust for the implementation, optimization, and operation of your SAP landscape – far beyond mere ERP.

Our range of consulting services is based on pragmatism. That means we’re all about finding the best solution and the best way to implement it. Over the years, we’ve carried out a variety of successful projects for hundreds of satisfied customers in nearly every industry. Count on us for a full spectrum of SAP consulting, such as:

  • Implementation and optimization
  • Global rollouts
  • SAP programming
  • HANA migration

No matter what your challenges or needs are, we offer you individual and customized SAP consulting services that add tangible value to your legacy systems. All from a single, singularly competent, source.

Learn more about our Merger & Acquisition services.

Mergers And Acquisitions

As a rule, every merger and acquisition is risky. Whether or not it succeeds depends just as much on due diligence as it depends on the details handled by your IT consultants.

FIT’s Mergers and Acquisitions consulting services cover all M&A phases from start to finish. Everything from contractual discussions to the initial IT due diligence to completion of the deal to the final re-engineering and optimization of business processes. In addition to our consulting services, we also see you through the migration process of various application landscapes, drawing on our special toolkit to help you integrate the different system landscapes.

So if a seller initiates a carve-out, FIT works alongside you as an SAP partner with system landscape optimization (SLO) tools. We can easily separate out SAP applications from the seller’s system architecture. That’s because our consultants are specialized in the technical and administrative separation, fusion, and re-organization of SAP systems. We can also provide interim cloud-based solutions if needed. An M&A project can be overwhelming – with us, it won’t be.

Learn more about our Multi-Cloud Orchestration services.

Multi-Cloud Orchestration

Moving all or part of your SAP landscape to the cloud can be confusing. With our Multi-Cloud Orchestration service, we’ll make sure your SAP applications work perfectly with your specific cloud combination. On-premise, private or public – we’ll orchestrate it all.

Our experts will work with you to determine the appropriate cloud landscape and then develop a migration plan to meet your specific needs. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), we can help you deploy SAP in the Azure cloud. Of course we’ll also take care of the configuration and running operation of the various platforms so that you can concentrate on your core business. Unlike many other cloud service providers, FIT offers a central point of contact and a service desk staffed by people you are familiar with – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With our multi-cloud services, you don’t need to worry about existing licenses and you don’t have to find your own way through the sometimes confusing jungle of options. We’re a manufacturer-independent ally in a partnership of equals. As a global service provider, we can assist you with meeting stringent security standards reliably in every corner of the globe.

Business Solutions

IT works best when it’s optimized for your particular business. That’s why we offer an array of solutions to tailor your SAP applications to meet your specific industry and/or line of business needs. Because when you achieve operational excellence you can achieve digital transformation – easier.

Learn more about our Analytics and BI solutions.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) guarantees you coherent and up-to-date information, enabling you to design your business processes to be as efficient as possible. In turn, this gives you permanent access to accurate information – and a sound basis for decision-making.

That’s because SAP BI pools and consolidates information across various locations and in multiple languages. Its highly flexible authorization system ensures secure storage of information. SAP Business Content provides you with prefab key performance indicators (KPIs) for standard, company-wide reporting. The extensive analysis tools – SAP Business Objects – enable personalized reporting, from MS Office integration to Internet solutions and mobility solutions.

At FIT, we’ve been supporting customers with the implementation of SAP BI for more than 10 years, working in a variety of business sectors. And we’ve been on board with support from the very first system version, helping with purchasing, production, sales, and planning scenarios. All in all, our project methodology can help turn your information complexity into a competitive edge.

Learn more about our SAP License & Maintenance solutions.

SAP License & Maintenance

FIT SAP License & Maintenance provides your enterprise ideal support in the licensing and maintenance of SAP applications, be it SAP ERP or SAP BI. All told, we offer you holistic SAP support that closes the gap between SAP maintenance and application support in your day-to-day business.

From minimizing the breadth of your current pool of dealers and retailers to lowering the maintenance costs for your SAP applications, we can help you eliminate inefficiencies while saving you money. Plus, with this service, your enterprise can count on faster, more reliable SAP system servicing. And when you combine this with other FIT global Application Management Services, such as global application support and value-added services, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

And consider this when looking for SAP support: FIT has worked closely with SAP since 1977 – earning us SAP Gold status for our partnership, the highest certification level attainable.

Learn more about SAP Manufacturing.

SAP Manufacturing

SAP Manufacturing is made up of best-of-breed products from leading Industry 4.0 players, and is supplemented with our own new developments. Fully integrating the top floor and the shop floor guarantees smoothly running manufacturing processes.

The intelligent control station of SAP Manufacturing allows production control staff to delegate each individual task on the shop floor to achieve the fastest possible processes while using the least amount of resources. Plus, FIT developed its predictive scheduling tool – FIT Workforce Planning – as part of the suite. This enables automated planning – placing employees with the right qualifications in the right place at the right time as well as paperless workflows.

The Suite also includes a special business intelligence solution with plenty of monitoring and reporting functions. Based on SAP MII and SAP BusinessObjects, it provides transparency at every stage of your manufacturing to ensure product quality at every process step. The dashboard offers a visual representation of relationships related to the current manufacturing status – either in a browser window or as an app on a tablet or smartphone. This gives employees access to all SFDC/MDC information, enabling them to evaluate information based on any conceivable criteria, and to have the results displayed graphically.

Learn more about our Workforce Resource Planning.

Workforce Resource Planning

Your company needs the right people in the right place at the right time. All the time. One effective tool for planning human resources efficiently is FIT’s Workforce Efficiency Management (WEM).

FIT WEM is a module within SAP Manufacturing and was developed in-house as an integrated part of SAP ERP systems, allowing you to make use of the very-latest platform technology. And because it’s based on an open architecture, it can be quickly integrated into your existing application landscapes.

Shift planning becomes less laborious with FIT WEM, which can be used in all areas of the company to plan human resources. To ease planning, FIT WEM shows a selection of the best-qualified available employees at a glance, for any given location. The solution includes a dashboard to provide a quick planning overview, making it easier to react efficiently to unforeseen circumstances and adapt plans accordingly. It also simplifies the task of identifying who needs training. All told, this personnel planning tool provides a simple way to reduce production downtime, avoid deadline changes and keep your workforce running with precision.


Learn more about our Asset Inventory System.

Asset Inventory System

Every year, many companies face the challenge of taking inventory. Not only because they are bound to do so by law, but also because they need a good overview of their assets. It’s an arduous process that ends up fraying nerves and frittering precious resources. It’s also prone to errors.

What companies need is an automated end-to-end solution – a system that optimizes the highly uneconomical and error-prone overall process of recording, comparing, and processing stock levels.

With FIT’s Asset Inventory System (AIS), your company can be much more agile, all while saving time and money. Our solution provides a convenient, easy-to-use Windows-based GUI and a certified SAP interface. The system can be used to extract master data from SAP ERP at the click of a button and transfer it back after it has been updated in the inventory. You can even use it to generate inventory labels with barcodes. Simply scan the labels with a PDT and transfer the data back to the system. Fast, easy, error-free.


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