Freudenberg IT Asia Wins “Best Global Cloud Innovation Award”

September 27, 2016
FIT Asia

Shanghai, September 21, 2016: freudenberg combined stan.l Reto Bless Mr Accepted the award, it represents the freudenberg combined FCaaS Asia's latest products certified as one of the most innovative cloud computing products in Asia.

The "FIT Cloud as a Service" product was awarded the best creative award for global Cloud computing. Mr. Reto Bless, President of the Asia division of cordebao yihe, attended the event and received the award. The FIT Cloud as a Service, or FCaas, is the latest innovation in the Asian region of cordebao. It is a SAP based comprehensive technology package, the package can not only help small and medium-sized enterprises in the three months to quickly implement SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP), still can provide hosting service, help customers to run SAP, provide technical support, as well as in the safety of the world's highest Tier IV data hosting data center.


"For a long time, the traditional SAP real cost time and money is small and medium-sized enterprise cannot be an important reason for the rapid implementation of SAP, we are glad that can borrow from our products to help customers perfect solution to this problem", freudenberg combined stan.l Reto Bless Mr. Said.


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